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Dolomite - 1977

By Craig - Posted on 15 December 2011

Triumph Dolomite 1850HL

Noddy 1992 . My first classic car was my Dad's Dolomite when it given to me in 1992. It was built in 1977, I ran car was on the road for 2-3 years before it was laid up due to transmission problems. The picture shows "Noddy" at a classic car show at Romsey. It had always been my intention to restore the Dolomite, but in 2008 when I started taking the car apart for restoration it became apparent that it was in much worse condition than I had thought. Currently "Noddy" is sat in the back of the garage. I have been able to use some of her parts to keep "Snowdrop" and "Bessie" on the road.