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Triumph Dolomite 1850HL - 1979

By Craig - Posted on 15 December 2011

Triumph Dolomite 1850HL

Bessie 2008 When Snowdrop broke down, I spotted "Bessie" in the local paper. She is a 1979, 1850HL and had been locally owned for 20 years before being sold to the new owner. He had bessie a couple of years and decided to give her up because she doesn't have power steering. In May 2011, "Bessie" overheated whilst towing a stationary engine to Liss. In September 2011 I took the engine and gearbox out to make repairs to both. When I took the head off the engine I discovered the head bolts were loose, and the head gasket had failed. More serious was the damage to the no.3 piston, the edge of the crown has melted, resulting in a blob of aluminium welded to the bore. In my garage was another broken engine which I had taken out of my other dolomite, Snowdrop. The engine coolant in this engine had frozen in cold weather. When I dismantled this engine I found that the engine had become untimed due to the failure of a timing gear, also a couple of valves were bent due to them hitting the pistons. I used parts from both engines to make one good engine. In late February 2012 early March I refitting the engine and gearbox into the car. I can now report the engine is working fine and "Bessie" is now moving under her own power.