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Wolseley 16/60

By Craig - Posted on 15 December 2011

Wolseley 16/60 - 1969

Wolseley 1998 The Wolseley has been the biggest classic car I have owned. This example was a 1969 Wolseley 16/60. The 16/60 refers to the engine being a 1600cc producing 60 hp. Interestingly it had a "B" series engine, the big brother of the "A" series engine as found in the Morris Minor. It had the biggest brake drums i've seen on a car. The front the drums were splayed out to increase the surface area and were nearly double the width of a standard drum brake. The Wolseley was on the road for the next couple of years before it was laid up, due to bodywork issues. It was sold in 2002 on ebay, unfortunately the new owner was going to use the Wolseley for historic banger racing.