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By Craig - Posted on 29 June 2011

1.5 hp - 700 rpm - serial no. 1/41042 spec 28DH

Poster 1012 July 2010 The 2010 Steam And Vintage Vehicle Run at Liss brought mixed fortunes for my Lister D engine. I arrived on-site on the Saturday morning to the news that my engine was on a non start, there was no spark from the magneto. I would like to thank all the stationary enthusiasts who spent time on my engine trying to sort this problem out throughout the weekend.

The first thing I tried was to remove the coil from the engine so that I could clean the contact breaker points, the contacts on the coil and the cap. Where the HT lead is attached in the magneto cap, I cut a small piece of HT lead, and reattached it so the securing screw was biting down on a fresh piece of HT lead. I then reassembled the magneto on the engine, checked the timing, and tried to start the engine. It did fire just the once.

Unable to do any more on my engine, I was able to assist Charlie. He has helped Roger and myself load and unload the engines on various rallies. On the Saturday morning he was given a Lister D which hasn't run for some years but the magneto on Charlie's engine was working fine. His engine had some problems so we made use of my engine as a source of parts including the petrol tank, tank straps, and the carburettor.

1013 1014 Where the engine had been standing in a garden the sump was full of water. The sump was drained, and flushed out to get rid of the sludge and refilled with oil. With now a complete engine, we then tried to start the engine with no success. It was apparent that there was a lack of compression, so off came the head, the valves where ground in, and reassembled. The engine now started somewhat erratically, until we fine tuned the governor. Once started it was hooked up to a water pump and chugged away happily for the rest of the day.

On the Sunday, another Lister D owner bought along a tank, straps and carburettor for Charlie's engine, and a magneto. We installed the parts onto Charlie's Lister D, and re-assembled mine. Once started Charlie's engine chugged away happily all day long.

1015 1016 On my engine I tried swapping over the condenser from the spare magneto, so no spark. I then swapped over the entire magneto. Still no spark. very much disheartened I gave up, thinking I would have to buy another magneto. Late in the afternoon my coil and the spare where tried off the engine, being turned with a drill. There was no spark from the spare, but mine was sparking. My coil was re-assembled onto my engine, no spark. With assistance the fault was finally traced to the magneto bracket being painted which insulated the magneto from the engine. I removed the magneto once more, scraped and used emery paper the bracket until there was a nice clean surface. The reassembled it started first time and run for the couple of hours before failing again.