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By Craig - Posted on 11 May 2011

1.5 hp - 800 rpm - serial no. 9080DHK3

1004 The first engine I bought was a Lister D series engine. They are relatively common,and are a good place to start for someone getting interested in the hobby. The engine had been a school project for it's owner. Afterwards the engine had been stood for some time outside in the weather and was a challenge to get running again.

0289B Problems encountered were the front steering axle on the trolley which had seized solid, making moving the engine about a tricky proposition. A seized and subsequently broken timing chain. No spark. The float chamber on the carburettor was blocked with no feed from the tank which leaked like a sieve. Problems with the governor rods and spring. Some of the whitworth bolts in the block had been stripped and had been rethreaded using metric threads.

The front axle dispite my efforts required the services of a local blacksmith to unsieze it. A new timing chain was aquired from a local cycle shop by Roger and was quickly fitted and timed up. The coil was dried out on a low heat in the oven and 1001 now a good consistant spark. The float chamber was a problem, the engine would only run until the float chamber ran dry. In the end I replaced the carburettor with one obtained on ebay. The fuel tank was patched up with a special resin, and was sucessfull initially, however the problem came back. A custom motorcycyle shop made a new tank for me using the old one as a pattern. The results are excellant, made of much thicker steel. The spring was repaced and the govenor was setup correctly. We have a runner. This engine was taken to a couple of shows.

I used have used this engine as a source of parts to get my second Lister D and Rogers Lister D running again.

April 2012 - Due to the accident last year where my Lister D, 1947 model suffered a bent crankshaft, I have been preparing the block, stripping the old flakey paint and repainting. Shortly I will swap over the rest of the components back from the 1947 engine.