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By Craig - Posted on 09 October 2011

1.5 hp - 700 rpm - serial no. 2925DH10

1004 2011 Rally Season Towards the end of the season, another Lister D engine became available. Owned by another Stationary engine enthusast, this is a 1960 example and was recommended by my friend. The problems encountered with my 1947 Lister D this season due to the RS1 Lucas magneto failure, resulted in the failure to finish this season with that engine. I was very pleased that the 1960 Lister D came arrived just in time to be exhibited on the last rally of my 2011 season. This engine is fitted another type of magneto, it is a Lucas SR-1 Magneto.

1007 When examining the engine it the first time i ran it, I found there was movement on the crankshaft and flywheel. It didn't affect its operation as it was running well if somewhat noisy from bearing rumble. It ran very well the last rally of the season. A few months later after bringing it home from storage, I had a problem starting it. I took the spark plug out and found it was fouled with a mixture of carbon and oil. I decided to take the head off and investigate. The combustion chamber was badly oiled up. There was also movement on the piston. The oil has been getting past the piston rings and building up in the combustion chamber. It may require in future a rebuild. When inspecting the piston I discovered was that the piston was made by Wellworthy. A company specialising in making piston and rings. They had a number of factories including one in Salisbury. With the combustion chamber free from oil and carbon, the engine started and ran ok.