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By Craig - Posted on 23 October 2015

flywheel - serial no. 80000

1.5 hp - 700 rpm - serial no. 192772 - spec. 26DH


I helped to rebuild this engine a few years ago, with my friend Roger. The main problem as I recall was to getting the valves ground in. The engine does not have a great deal of compression and can be easily turned over by hand. With the diameter of the flywheel it will fire and slowly speed up until running at its normal speed.

When Roger was thinning out his collection, i decided to buy this engine, because you don't see many spoke flywheel Lister D's.

There is a problem with dating this engine, the spoked flywheel has a low serial number, indicating that its a manufactured in 1928. However the serial number on the inspection door indicated it was manufactured in 1945. It is my belief that this engine is a bit of a hybrid with parts from at least 2 engines.