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Lucas RS1 Magneto

By Craig - Posted on 21 May 2011

Running Problems

I have been looking at the problem with the magneto after its failure last year. A few months back I took it apart, cleaned it up and re-assembled with no success. Yesterday 20th May, I decided to have another look at it. I thought perhaps I needed to rewind the coil, and if this was the case, I thought of using a spare Triumph Dolomite coil as a source of the wire needed. However when I checked the continuality of the coil using a mutimeter, the readings showed the coil was intact with no breaks in the wire. So it seemed therefore that the problem was elsewhere. Using a distributor from one of my spare Dolomite I took the condenser from it. Turning the coil over, I saw a weak spark. There also seemed to be a problem with the contact breakers, as it seemed to be permanently earthed when checking it with my multimeter. I took contact breakers apart and re-assembled making sure they were operating correctly. The magneto was then reassembled using the condenser from the Dolomite, not an easy task as it was a completely different shape and configuration to the original. With the magneto assembled I am now getting a good strong spark. I am really pleased as I thought I would have to get the coil rewound for a cost of well over £100.

It was a few days before I was able to run the Lister, as work called just as I was going to re-assemble the Lister. With the engine assembled it took about 15 minutes to set up the ignition timing correctly. The engine running sucessfully for about 30 minutes, as I didn't want to upset the neighbours too much.

Unfortunately keeping the magneto going during the 2011 proved problematic. It eventually failed completely.